Tony's American Dream Story

People who know Tony Pompa personally will tell you that he’s a tremendous person and a strong fiscal conservative, who’s worked for over twenty years to build a great business and an even greater reputation for giving back to our community.

They’ll also tell you that he’s been great on the school board and built a strong, conservative voting record, while there.

In the past three years, Tony’s voted to cut tax rates twice. He’s voted to cut wasteful spending and turn the district’s finances from annual deficits to a $10 million surplus, which they’re using to build schools – instead of funding them through more debt.

He’s supported in-district school choice, which has been great for families, and a Superintendent’s contract that includes incentives for improved student performance – one of very few in the country like that. Tony’s brought modern, conservative business principles to public education – and it’s worked.

Tony’s also a loving husband and father. He and Julie met in college, married in their junior year, and now have five beautiful daughters.

Tony’s not your typical Republican candidate. In fact, he may be one of the few, if not the only conservative Republican candidate to have started off in this country as an undocumented immigrant. At age 11, his mother, brought him across the border from Mexico. Tony and his family have truly lived the American Dream. Coming from modest means, with no electricity or running water in their home, to building a great life, with the help of family, friends and neighbors.

Tony is clearly a unique Republican, and it’s going to take a unique Republican candidate to win this State Senate seat in November.

Here’s what we know: Despite the fact that our district has voted for the Republican candidate for President two elections in a row, the Republican candidates for State Senate have failed to defeat Wendy Davis.

This year, Davis running for Governor will make it even tougher. Tony Pompa and his unique personal story will be key to helping us attract the voters we’ll need to win, especially the 32,000 conservative Hispanics, who voted overwhelming for the other side in 2012.

Tony Pompa is a strong conservative. He’s pro-life. And he’s strengthened by his relationship with God. He’s built a business from one employee, himself, to employing hundreds. He’s built and provided for a family. And he’s sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.”

It’s time we chose a conservative, who can win. Join Tony, today.

Tony on the Issues

More Local Control: YES
One size fits all solutions simply don’t work. Think about it in terms of your own family. If you have kids, you know that what one kid likes is not necessarily what they all like. That’s why Tony favors local control as the best and smartest way to get things done.
Limited Government: YES
The bigger government means higher taxes and less freedom. Both are a danger to our economy and to our quality of life. Tony favors a more limited role for government in our lives.
Job Killing Regulations: NO
Tony’s company has done business in nineteen states and has had to deal with different burdensome government regulations in every one. He’ll tell you that kind of experience will “make a Republican out of anyone.”
Higher Taxes: NO
Tony went back to look at the amount of taxes, in particular payroll taxes for his employees, he’s paid since being in business. Turns out it’s an amazing $5 million. No one wants lower taxes than Tony Pompa.
Pro-2nd Amendment: YES
Tony is an avid sportsman and a member of the NRA. He believes strongly in the preservation of our right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Constitution.
Illegal Immigration: NO
Tony opposes amnesty. In his business, he uses the E-Verify system to check the immigration status of every worker before they’re hired. As a former undocumented immigrant himself, who was brought to Texas at age 11, Tony brings a real world perspective and real experience to this issue for fellow conservatives.
Pro-Life: YES
Tony Pompa is strongly pro-life. To bolster the point, when asked, Tony smiles and points to the fact that he and his wife, Julie, have five beautiful daughters.
Protect Property Rights: YES
Tony Pompa is a big believer in the fact that people’s property rights must be respected. He’ll oppose any moves by state government to weaken your property, mineral or water rights.
Improve Public Schools: YES
Lots of people talk about improving public schools. Tony’s done it. His hard work has helped turn $12 million school district budget deficits into $10 million surpluses. He’s voted to cut property tax rates. All while improving the in-classroom experience for both the teachers and the children.
Fight Obama: YES
Obamacare is a disaster. It’s forced just about every business owner in the nation, Tony included, to hire consultants to estimate the per worker cost of this government takeover of healthcare. For Tony, it’s going to be thousands of dollars per employee for worse care than they get now. Tony will vote against Obamacare at every opportunity.


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